Bars to have drinks and go out for tapas. Cafeteria for breakfast and have coffee in Palencia
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Bars, cafeterias, reeds, tapas in Palencia


Bar areas

Several S / DetermineSeveral S / Determine Encontrados: 8 La Puebla La Puebla "the zone" Encontrados: 2 Plaza Mayor - Downtown AreaPlaza Mayor - Downtown Area Encontrados: 0 The Cathedral - Wine RouteThe Cathedral - Wine Route Encontrados: 0 The SeminarThe Seminar Encontrados: 0

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Discoteca Quasar Discoteca Quasar C/ Rizarzuela, 18 (Palencia) La Puebla "the zone"
Bar Restaurante Casado Bar Restaurante Casado Avd. Brasilia, 2 (Palencia) Several S / Determine
De Pata Negra De Pata Negra Calle Miravalles, 2 (Palencia) Several S / Determine
Cervecería Restaurante La Vieja Bruselas Cervecería Restaurante La Vieja Bruselas Plaza de los Dominicos, 3, Bajo (Palencia) Several S / Determine
Café Restaurante Bariloche Café Restaurante Bariloche Paseo San José, 6 (Palencia) Several S / Determine

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